File #: 13-0200    Version: 1 Name: Local Vendor Purchasing Preference Policy
Type: Presentation Status: Regular Calendar
In control: Resource Management
On agenda: 3/26/2013 Final action: 3/26/2013
Title: Receive a presentation on Solano County’s local vendor preference policies
District: All
Attachments: 1. A - Summaries, 2. Minute Order.pdf
Receive a presentation on Solano County’s local vendor preference policies

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The Departments of Resource Management and General Services recommend that the Board of Supervisors hear a presentation from staff regarding the County’s local vendor preference policies.


The County’s 2004 Purchasing Policy and Contracting Manual provided a tie-breaking provision which directed contract awards to local business if the two lowest bids were equal. In 2009, the Board wanted greater autonomy to award contracts to local business, and thus enacted the Local Vendor Preference Policy (LVP) Ordinance, which amended Chapter 22 (Purchasing Agent) of the County Code. This Ordinance establishes a number of local vendor preference policies that provide local businesses greater opportunity for contract award by the County. Since June 2009, a local bidder can now match the lowest responsible bid and be awarded the contract if the local bidder’s bid was within 5% of the lowest responsible non-local bid.

There was recent interest by the Board to review the County’s local vendor preference policies. This item is for the Board’s discussion, and staff has no recommendation for changes at this time.


This item is for discussion only. There is no impact to the General Fund.


In order to support local businesses in Solano County, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Local Vendor Preference Policy (Ordinance 2009-1698) in May 2009. The LVP Ordinance provides local vendors greater potential to be awarded the lowest bid, if the local bidder is within 5% of the winning bid under the following provisions in the County Code:

Sec. 22-44 Local business preference

(b) Where competitive bidding is utilized pursuant to section 22-23, and the lowest responsible bidder is not a local business, the purchasing agent sh...

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